Thursday, March 5, 2009

Find the Burn!

While doing my morning workout last week something the video instructor said impressed me in a very personal way.

"Too many people," he said, "stop way before they should.

Great results happen when you maintain good form and do MAXIMUM, MAXIMUM, MAXIMUM REPS."

There are times during my workouts when I know I'm doggin' it. And it occurred to me that there are times during my work day, during recreation--and even when I'm in husband and father mode--when I'm doggin' it.

If only I had a little DVD character in my head telling me to go for maximum, maximum, maximum reps.

Or as the weightlifters say Find the Burn.

Whether you've been navigating the labrynths of the business world for thirty plus years or you're fresh out of college, everyone needs a good shove once in awhile.

Everyone needs a little voice telling them to squeeze out those three or four extra reps.

And that's the purpose of this blog page.

While most of the entries posted here will relate to public speakiing and presentation skills, the advice you'll find on subsequent pages, hopefully, will be applicable to any endeavor that requires a little extra effort, thought and dedication.

So many of the attributes needed to excel in sports, business and life are transferable, which is why you always see astronauts, athletes and generals on the motivational speaker circuit.

So welcome. In the days, weeks and months to come we'll take an interesting and worthwhile journey. Along the way we'll discover how much we can accomplish if we push for those extra reps and Find the Burn!